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Full Heart Massage only offers in home massage where I bring massage to you! All services include cost of travel and gratuity so tips are never necessary.


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Relaxation Massage


60 Min  $95

90 min $120

Relaxation massages are great for general stress relief and are key to a therapeutic self care routine. This massage will use light to medium pressure Swedish techniques.  While this type of massage is not intended to work out all your knots with targeted deep tissue work, the benefits  of a Swedish massage are often overlooked. Sometimes what you need is a full body relaxation and a moment for your mind to destress and this massage will do just that. 

Integrative Massage


60 Min  $110

90 min $150

120 min $175

Integrative massage is my version of a deep tissue massage. This is truly a massage curated to what your body needs. Before the massage starts we will talk about how your body is feeling and where you would like targeted work. We will decide together if you need a full body massage or just work on your focus areas. Then I will use a mixture of techniques that may include Swedish strokes, deep tissue work, assisted stretching, and neuromuscular techniques in order to achieve the most therapeutic results for your unique body.    

Deep Sleep Massage

Deep Sleep 

60 Min  $120

The Deep Sleep massage is a routine that aims to help people who have sleep related issues, or to help you get a great nights rest before a big day. During this massage I will use light Swedish with a generous amount of lotion for a smooth glide. This routine aims to specifically to calm your nervous system and induce relaxation.  The Deep Sleep routine has the option to use a lavender and magnesium infused lotion, and aromatherapy to induce maximum relaxation.  In order to get the most therapeutic benefit, this routine is only offered in the evening time (5-8 pm) with the intention that you will be winding down and going to bed soon after the massage.

Range of motion Massage 

Range of Motion

60 Min  $110

90 min $150

The Range of motion routine will look like a sports massage but I hesitate to call it that because I believe that all bodies can benefit from this work, not just athletes.  This massage will include a full body assisted stretch. I will apply some massage techniques to warm and relax each muscle group before performing assisted stretching techniques. This routine will look different than other massages in that it requires a lot of movement and communication, because of this it is recommended to wear work out like clothing to get a maximum stretch without worrying about covering up.

Add ons 

Deep Sleep 

Hot stone Therapy 


Cupping Therapy


Magnesium & Lavender 
Infused lotion



In an effort to remain accessible  to members of the trans and nonbinary community  Full Heart Massage will provide a treatment agreement with a sliding scale cost to individuals who would benefit from consistent massage therapy but may not be able to afford the cost. The sliding scale is intended for trans and nonbinary individuals seeking consistent massage for therapeutic purposes and will be applied on a case by case basis. If this is something that you or someone you know may benefit from please contact me directly to discuss further options.

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