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Let me come to you! Full Heart Massage provides intuitive massage and body work routines in the comfort of your own home. 


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Full Heart massage provides massage and body work sessions in a space where you can always feel safe, comfortable, and affirmed. I truly believe that all bodies can benefit from massage and that every body deserves the opportunity to receive a fulfilling and healing touch. Full Heart massage is committed to bringing a health at every size, LGBTQ+ friendly, trans-affirming, and trauma informed approach to every session.  Currently Full Heart Massage only offers in home massage therapy sessions. I offer therapeutic massage, along with specialized routines such as a deep sleep massage, and a range of motion massage.  Visit our services page to learn more!

Mason Taylor
LMT (he/him) 

Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to read more about my practice. I am a licensed massage therapist working in the Denver Metro area. I am a graduate of The  Colorado School of Healing Arts in Lakewood Colorado. I openly identify as a queer transman and am passionate about bringing safe and inclusive massage and body work to my community. I am currently working on creating specialized routines for individuals who bind and those who have recently had top surgery. I  have also created a unique deep sleep routine that can help those who struggle with falling or staying asleep. I am currently in the process of becoming  a certified Trauma Touch Therapist in order to help people somatically process their trauma responses and find peace in their bodies. Please reach out to me if you have any further questions about the work that I am doing or wish to book a session with me. 

Integrative Massage

Integrative Massage

If you need to work on specific areas of pain and tension, a therapeutic massage that targets specific areas of your body is a good option for you. Using a mixture of massage techniques, your therapist will work with you to make sure that you are getting the unique care that you need.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage

The relaxation massage is intended to give you a full body relaxation.This routine uses light to medium pressure Swedish techniques to give you the relaxation your mind and body need.

Deep Sleep Massage

Deep Sleep Massage

This routine uses very light pressure and a generous amounts of lotion to achieve strokes that have a relaxing and gentle glide. This routine works to calm your nervous system so that you can fully relax and prepare for a good nights sleep.

Range of Motion Massage

Range of Motion Massage

Range of motion massage is a gentle full body assisted stretching routine. This routine aims to lengthen and relax your muscles in order to increase flexibility and range of motion within your muscles and joints.


Palm Massage

Faye H.

Mason provides a warm, comforting space where I can truly relax. The Deep Sleep massage is no joke! After receiving it, I had the BEST sleep of my life. I highly recommend Full Heart massage to anyone and everyone.

Back Massage

Keri B.

I love that Mason comes to your home for maximum comfort. His pre-session questions help him focus on what you need most. Plus, his technique is incredible. I appreciated the thoughtful additions that helped ease my tired wrists and arms from my desk job. I can't recommend him enough!

Elisabeth H.

I highly recommend Mason's work ! His massages are relaxing, consent driven, and effective. The fact that he is body positive, and trans inclusive is a plus! do yourself a favor and book with him today! 

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